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One Million Lives

Positive mental health and wellbeing is at the heart of One Million Lives. We know that it can be difficult to understand the many factors that contribute to overall mental health. To help better understand these complexities, Jacobs and mental health professionals have developed a free mental health check-in tool to help users assess their current state of mind and provide suggestions for growth.

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Our thoughts

    Liam Cubbage MATES / CEO MATES Western Australia

    MATES in Construction Western Australia are proud One Million Lives partners, committed to saving construction worker lives

  • Steve Demetriou
    Steve Demetriou / Jacobs Chair and CEO

    Positive mental health is a crucial piece of our Culture of Caring. At Jacobs, we continually encourage our teams to be mindful of their mental health and to check-in regularly with their colleagues to uplift each other. Together, we can touch One Million Lives.

  • Bob Pragada
    Bob Pragada / Jacobs President and Chief Operating Officer

    What makes One Million Lives so powerful is the chance to measure mental health. The check-in tool provides a deeper analysis of the components of mental health and offers actionable steps to improve mental health.

  • Marietta Hannigan
    Marietta C. Hannigan / Jacobs Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy & Communications Officer

    From my own experience, when you are supporting someone close to you with a mental health challenge, being able to reach out for the right information and support is vital. One Million Lives offers empowering, evidence-based information you can use to help yourself and your loved ones.